How to say I’m sorry

How to say I’m sorryHow to say I’m sorry if I have made a mistake? How I can apologize for the mistake that caused financial damages to someone? How can I apologize to my parent, friends, relatives for my wrong behavior? How to say I’m sorry for wrong act that hurt relations?

There are different reasons, we make mistake. Though the mistake was not done intentionally, it hurt the feelings of someone. Sometimes, the deep hurting feelings have adverse effect on the relations. In this case you should say sorry and apologize for the mistake. How to say I’m sorry? There are several ways to say sorry. You can say sorry to the person on the spot. If the person is angry because of your wrong behavior, and is not ready to meet you in person, call him on phone. The best way to apologize is to send an apology letter. How to say I’m sorry through an apology letter?

There is particular format for How to say I’m sorry in an apology letter. Start your sorry letter by accepting your mistake. Say sorry for hurting the feelings of other person. State how the mistake happens. Give reasons or explain the situation in which you made a mistake. Apologize for the same. Make the receiver understand that you understand his or her feelings. Do not hurt the feelings of the receiver while writing sorry letter. Use the word ‘sorry’ in your letter.

How to say I’m sorry and how to rectify the same? You should inform the recipient of the letter what steps you are going to take to rectify the same. Ask the receiver for suggestions for rectification that he or she need in this matter. Assure the receiver that you will never commit the mistake in the future. If the mistake happened because of your staff, assure the receiver that you will personally look into the matter and will try to control the situation as early as possible. This is How to say I’m sorry in formal kind of apology letter.

How to say I’m sorry to our near and dear ones? If you committed a mistake that adversely affected the feelings of your near and dear ones and the broken your relations, you should handle the situation very smoothly. How to say I’m sorry in the letter? You should write the letter more effectively and more personally. Write ‘I am sorry’ for the mistake and promise that you will not repeat the mistake. This is the personal kind of apology letters written to near and dear ones.

An apology letter may be any kind, personal or formal, How to say I’m sorry matters worth. Do not write lengthy letters and do not write more flattery things in personal letters. The letter should be to the point. While closing the letter accept your mistake once again and ask the forgiveness from the other party. This is the way to write an apology letter and how you can mend your broken relationship with him or her.

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