Please forgive me

Please forgive meThinking how to say, “Please forgive me” to your near and dear one? Searching the way to say “sorry” to your boss for your mistake? What will be the best way to say sorry and to apologize for the mistake from your part? How one can apologize and can say, “Please forgive me”?

There are several ways to say “Please forgive me”. First thing you have to be sure that for what you are saying sorry and to whom you want to apologize. Though you have committed a small mistake or a big offense unknowingly, you are the person who is responsible for damages caused to other person and hence it is your duty to say sorry to other person. Just saying “Please forgive me” verbally has no meaning. You should accept your guilt in writing. Apologize for what you did in written way.

Formal and informal or personal apologies are the two different concepts. If you made a mistake and that caused damages to your boss, company or colleague, you should write formal apology letter to say ‘Please forgive me’ to the respective person. This will help you in rebuilding good relations with your boss and colleague. The boss will get impressed that you are very sincere and honest with the work as well as serious with the job. You can benefit this in future at the time of promotions and increments.

Informal or personal apology letter is somewhat different. It is the Please forgive me letter written to near and dear one such as parent, brother, sister, wife, husband, relative, boyfriend or girlfriend. You should be very much careful while writing personal please forgive me letters as wrong wordings may hurt the feelings of receiver and will have adverse effect on your relationships. Keep in mind that you are writing Please forgive me letter to your near and dear one for rebuilding and mending broken relations and for patch up.

Start the apology letter by accepting your guilt. Give reasons why you did so. Promise the receiver that you will not let the incident occur again in the future. State what measures you are taking to rectify your mistake. Write the letter short and to the point. Express your feelings of guilt and make the receiver know that you can understand his or her feelings. Tell how serious you are in apologizing for the mistake. You should write, “Please forgive me” and ask the receiver to give you another chance to prove yourself that you have now changed. Close the letter by accepting your guilt once again and try to fix the personal appointment to apologize in person.

While writing formal Please forgive me letter you should have computer typed letter printed on plain white paper or on the letterhead. In case of personal apology letter it is good to write the letter by hand instead of printed one. Use soft language while writing the letter and do not blame others for the mistake. Take the responsibility on your shoulder.

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